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Asklepios plus

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Asklepios plus

The Asklepios plus is an individual noise exposure meter for measuring exposure to noise in the work place pursuant to the regulations and standards in force.

As well as being efficient, it also allows frequency analysis per octave band from 63Hz to 8KHz, which makes it easier to choose hearing protection.

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The dosimeters are specifically designed to measure an employee’s exposure to noise working in a noisy environment and to provide an integrated measurement over a certain period of time, typically to comply with health and safety regulations (Directive 2003/10EC, Standards NF S31-084 and ISO 9612:2009).

Main measured values:

  • Max-Min Noise pressure level: LAF-LAS
  • Equivalent continuous level: LAeq-LCeq-LXeq (octave band 63 Hz/8 kHz for Asklépios +)
  • Noise exposure/Exposure points: EA, T: in Pa²h
  • Daily noise exposure level: Lex,d
  • Peak pressure level: LCpk – LZpk
  • Peak detection and counting: 135 dB, 137 dB, 140 dB
  • DOSE

For further information on features, refer to the data sheet.