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B05 balancing machine

B05 banc équilibrage
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B05 balancing machine

The B05 is a horizontal axis, soft bearing balancing machine.

This is a precision balancing machine that can be used with any IRD balancing instrument. It is suitable for balancing small rotors such as motor armatures, fans, turbines, etc.

The machine is constructed from heavy gauge steel weldments and
can be mounted to existing shop floors without the need for a special
foundation. A work support is used to support the rotor journals. The work support on the right has a built in height adjustment to
accommodate rotors with unequal journal diameters.

dB Vib Instrumentation also offers the B05/F version.

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The B05 balancing machine has the following applications:

  • Maintenance of small rotating machines
  • Paper industry
  • Fan manufacturers
  • Energy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metal industry
  • Manufacturers of train turbochargers
  • Winders
  • Manufacturers of machine tool spindles
Capacity 230 kg
Maximum rotor diameter 900 mm
Maximum sensitivity 1.5 g mm
Standard bed length 1,400 mm
Journal Diameter range 13-203 mm
Spacing between journals 12 – 1200 mm
Drive type Par courroie suspendue avec tendeur de courroie manuel
Drive motor DC 0,75 kW
Variable speed motor with encoder
Balancing speed range 250 to 6,000 RPM
Number of balance planes 1 or 2
Encoder output port To determine the rotor angular position
General configuration without rotor
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,556 x 940 x 1,168 mm
Weight 563 kg
Standard power 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C