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Cabledata collector

CableData Collector
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Cabledata collector

The CableData Collector is on online cable testing system. It identifies, locates and allows you to report on partial discharge activity in distribution cable networks.

  • Benefits of the CableData Collector:
  • Identifies cable defects before they fail
  • Does not require a cable outage
  • Quick, safe and non intrusive.
  • Cable condition analysis and reporting service
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The  CableData Collector detection instrument is used to monitor electrical cables in the electrical energy sector.

 This includes:

  • Operators of thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power stations
  • Electrical maintenance companies.
Housing Anodised aluminium
Indicators Phase reference status LED / Waveform capture LED / Events LED
Connectors 1x Mini USB, 1x Ethernet (inactive) / 4x BNC
Operating temperature 0 - 60°c
Humidity 0 - 90°%
Environment rating IP31
Size 28mm x 120mm x 176mm
Weight 570g
Source Power supplied by USB port
Measurement type Single phase or three phase
Sensors 3x RFCT (Radio Frequency Current Transformer)
Capture window 153µs, 76µs and 38µs
Maximum cable length Depends on cable design
Resolution Range dependent (14pC, 28pC, 56pC, 112pC)
Measurement range Range dependant (14pC to 200,000pC)
Gain range 4 (Auto Ranging)
Phase reference for power frequency Automatically picked up from RFCT or supplied phase reference transformer