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DayCor® Luminar Camera

caméra Daycor Luminar
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DayCor® Luminar Camera

The Daycor Luminar camera is a top line inspection instrument used to pinpoint corona discharges and indicate the severity of these discharges thanks to its outstanding UV sensitivity.

This camera is designed to maximise the efficiency and productivity of condition-based maintenance engineers by focusing on functionality and accurate results.

This is very powerful tool thanks to DayCor® technology. It also has the latest optical technologies, UV filters and top of the range imaging components for optimum weight and design.

It also has such as built-in GPS and an OFIL reporting software interface.

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  • High sensitivity to UV
  • Exact location of emitting sources
  • Field of view interchangeability
  • DayCor® technology
  • Integrated recording and storing
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful and effective zoom
  • Compatibility with OFIL reporting software
UV - optical characteristics
UV Sensitivity 2.2 x 10-18 watt/cm²
Discharge detection 1pC to 15m
Minimum RIV detection 3.6dBμV (RIV) at 1MHz (Tested & certified by RWE: NEMA107-1987. Real results)
Fields of view H: 10º - 1.6º V: 5.6º-0.9º Synchronized with visible channel, optic & digital, continuous
Detector life span No degradation
Focus Manual and auto focus for both channels
UV Zoom Optical & digital, slaved to the visible channel
Spectral Range 240-280nm
UV Frames Integration On | Off
UV Display colors Polychromatic: Red, Green. White, Black, Yellow
UV - optical characteristics
UV/Visible accuracy – better than 1 milliradian
Visible light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Video standard NTSC
Rapid Zoom Optical: X25 Digital: X12 attained in 1 second
Type LCD colour screen, adjustable
Brightness 450cd/m², adjustable
Resolution 640x480 pixels, colour
Size 5 inches
Measurement modes Visible/UV/Combined
External display NTSC via jack output
Method: Keyboard
Function activation single push button
Rapid Zoom Push button
Status indicator Battery discharge time
Storage and operation temperature -20ºC to +55ºC
Image storage
Video capture Internal
Video format AVI (MPEG4 AVC)
Digital storage Flash memory card
Image format BMP
Playback: Videos, audio and images
Physical characteristics
Weight 2.2Kg
Size (LxWxH) 29x13x12 cm
Power source Rechargeable battery with 3 hours run time, universal AC/DC 9.5V adapter
Consumption 15 Watts, 5 V DC