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DayCor® Swift camera

Caméra DayCor Swift
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DayCor® Swift camera

The DayCor® Swift is a bi-spectral camera with excellent corona inspection and detection capabilities; is is used to monitor high- and medium-voltage electrical installations.

The Swift camera can be mounted on a fixed stand, tilting stand with 360° rotation or on a drone.
During the daytime, it sends videos of sources of corona occurrences. Corona discharge is detected and transmitted in real time. At the same time, it sends images of  visible spectrum so that you can pinpoint the exact source of the corona and thereby the insulation fault.
The system can be configured to generate real-time alerts if there is a change in the corona occurrence and, in particular, an increase in corona activity. The Swift camera can be controlled remotely or wirelessly

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  • High sensitivity to UV
  • Exact location of emitting sources
  • For inspection areas from 1.5m to infinity
  • Streaming video
  • Wired remote control
  • Field of view interchangeability
  • DayCor® technology
  • Integrated recording and storing
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful and effective zoom
  • Compatibility with OFIL reporting software
  • Adaptation on standard tripod
  • Continuous operation without interruption
  • Audible and visible alarm indicating corona effect
  • Real time information
  • Performance in extreme conditions


UV - optical characteristics
Sunlight discharge Absolute: regardless of the light conditions and atmospheric conditions; the target can be inspected with the sun in the field of view
UV Sensitivity 2.6 x 10-18watt/cm²
Discharge detection 1 pC to 10m (RWE tested & certified: DIN EN 60270 (VDE 0340):2001-08)
Minimum RIV detection 3.6dBμV (RIV) @1MHz @10m (RWE tested & certified: NEMA107-1987)
Viewing angle 6.4° x 4.8°
Detector life span No degradation
Focus Manual and auto focus
Focusing distance 1.5m to infinity
Digital zoom UV/Combined X2 and X4
Variable UV gain 10 levels to highlight the smallest errors
Visible - optical characteristics
UV/Visible accuracy – better than 1 milliradian
Visible light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Video standard NTSC
Rapid Zoom Optical: x10 Digital: x12
Control and operation
Video output NTSC Standard
Operating time Unlimited: No overheating
Physical characteristics and power supply
Storage/operating temperature range: 20°C to +55°C
Weight 1.4kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 247 x 125 x 73 mm
Nominal power consumption 6.5÷10 VDC, 14 Watts
Vibration and shock ETSI EN 300 019-2-5 V3.0.0 (2002-12), IEC 60068-2-64
Power supply Input
Video Output
Control function Input/Output
Communication RS-232 (baud rate: 9.6 Kb/s, 19.2 Kb/s, 38.4 Kb/s, Stop bit: 1/2 selectable)