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DayCor® UVolle SX/VX cameras

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DayCor® UVolle SX/VX cameras

UVollé-SX and UVollé-VX are UV cameras used to detect corona discharge during the daytime.

The embedded benchmarked proprietary DayCor® technology guarantees accurate and reliable data and these two cameras have integrated solar protection and are dual spectrum for detecting and pinpointing partial discharge.
These two models are suited for large electrical installations, such as: motors, generators, transformers, switching devices, etc., and in a variety of industries.
The cameras are used by electrical service maintenance teams to detect the first signs of degradation on transmission and distributions lines and at sub-stations. Both portable and compact, these cameras offer the perfect combination of performance and price.

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Applications Fonctions et caractéristiques En savoir plus
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pinpointing corona discharge
  • UV events counter
  • Voice, video and image recording & playback
  • Solar blind
  • Visible zoom
  • DAYCOR® technology
  • UV Zoom
  • Up to 7 hours runtime
  • Provides real time information
  • Direct access to frequently used functions

Pour plus d'information sur les fonctions et caractéristiques, consultez sa fiche technique.