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Dynamix 2500 Data Collector

collecteur dynamix 2500
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Dynamix 2500 Data Collector

 Dynamix® data collectors are real-time, multi-channel Fast Fourier Transformer (FFT) signal analysers and data collectors.

They are used to analyse and correct the causes of faults in your machines and are therefore an important part of your condition-based and predictive maintenance strategy.
These powerful instruments have the fastest processors and auto-calibration options considerably reducing the time you spend collecting data.

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The Dynamix™ 2500 data collectors are ideal for trending and diagnostic machinery vibration measurements on fans, pumps, motors, compressors, conveyors, mixers, centrifuges, hammer mills and gearboxes. These collectors are also ideal in field analysis for :

  • Machinery unbalance
  • Resonance problems caused by poor foundations, machinery running speeds set too close to structural frequencies and piping- and/or process-induced frequencies
  • Machine motion during start-up or deceleration
  • Time recordings of a machine’s vibration for remote analysis
  • Multi-channel machine train (using the off-route mode, can gather and and compare up to 4 channels of vibration data)
Measurement signal
Signal detection RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak, True Peak, True Peak-Peak
Input signal type ICP accelerometer, Velocimeters, Displacement sensors, Infrared sensors, Accel/Vel sensor, AC/DC voltage, Manual entry
Input signals ICP (24V at 2.4mA), AC/DC sensors, Power-power input, Tachometer
Measurement Acceleration, Speed, Displacement, gSE, ESP, Temperature, Phase, Voltage, User-defined
Measurement types Global, Spectral, Temporal, Standardised order phase, Spectral band alarm
Sensor test "Bias Voltage" integrity
Auto calibration Yes
Dynamic range >90 dB typical
Detail 5%
Frequency ranges 0.16Hz to 80kHz
High Pass filters 0.18Hz; 0.3Hz; 2Hz; 2.67Hz; 5.3Hz; 10Hz; 27.8Hz; 70Hz
gSE filters 100Hz; 200Hz; 500Hz; 1000Hz; 2000Hz; 5000Hz
ESP filters 0,6 - 1,25 kHz; 1,25 - 2,5 kHz; 2,5 - 5 kHz; 5 - 10 kHz; 10 - 20 kHz
Real time 80 kHz
FTT resolution 100 - 25,00 lines
Time frame 256 - 16,384 samples
Averaging Spectral, temporal, peak hold and continuous
Alarms Overall level and spectral
Size 186 x 93 mm (narrowest point) 186 x 134 mm (widest point)
Weight 715 g
Screen LCD colour backlit ¼ VGA (240 x320) 58 x 72 mm visible
Connectors Signal input: 7-pin Lemo / Power source: 7-pin Lemo / Trigger: 7-pin Fischer
PC communication USB with Microsoft ActiveSync
Indicators Red, orange, green LEDs
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 8 hours operating time
Operating system Windows CE
Enclosure IP65 (waterproof and dustproof)
Drop resistance 2 meters - Mil 810 Spec
Temperature Operating temperature: -10°C +50°C / Storage temperature: -20°C + 60°C
Internal RAM 128 Mbytes RAM
External memory SDHC up to 16GB
Disk (user data) 40 Mbytes FLASH
Certifications C-Tick, CE, CSA (Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D)