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Emonitor Odyssey

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Emonitor Odyssey

Emonitor Odyssey introduces a new concept of condition-based maintenance (predictive) by automating routine operations in order to improve processing speeds and simplify the use of portable data collectors.

It has a complete set of vibration diagnostic and analysis tools.

Emonitor Odyssey bridges the gap between portable data collectors for periodic monitoring and continuous protection systems.

Thanks to the use of templates, the time is takes to create a database is considerably reduced. System management time is reduced and maintenance efficiency is enhanced.

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Emonitor Odyssey software is suitable for the following applications:

  • on-line monitoring systems
  • Dynamix portable data collection systems
Extended network use capacity
Automated diagnostics – Fast and accurate fault identification
Multiple alarm definition - Maximum reliability
Machinery templates - Fast and simple database set-up
Full customisation of screens, graphic views and reports
Bearing database
Windows environment (XP and 7)
Connection to SQL databases