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Fluke 810: Vibration tester

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Fluke 810: Vibration tester

The Fluke 810 vibration tester is the most advanced troubleshooting tool mechanical maintenance teams who need an immediate answer.

This unique diagnostic technology helps you quickly identify and prioritise mechanical problems.

The Fluke 810 has a powerful diagnostic engine and with a simple step-by-step process to report on specific machine faults and their severity the first time measurements are taken, without prior measurement history.

Overall vibration measurements and spectral diagrams give technicians the ability to quickly assess overall machine condition, while enhanced reporting and actionable recommendations give you the confidence you need to address critical problems first.

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  • Diagnosing and understanding the root cause of equipment problems
  • Surveying equipment before and after planned maintenance and justifying the need for repair
  • Commissioning new equipment and ensuring proper installation
  • Providing quantifiable proof of equipment condition and drive investing in asset repair or replacement
  • Prioritising and planning repair activities for more efficient operation
  • Anticipating equipment failures before they happen and managing spare parts inventories
  • Training new or less-experienced technicians, building confidence and developing skills across the team
Diagnostic specifications
Standard faults Unbalance, looseness, misalignment and bearing failures
Analysis for Motors, fans, blowers, belts and chain drives, gearboxes, couplings, centrifugal pumps, piston pumps, sliding vane pumps, propeller pumps, screw pumps, rotary thread/gear/lobe pumps, piston compressors, centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, closed coupled machines, spindles
Machine rotational speed range 200 to 12,000 RPM
Diagnostic details Plain-text diagnosis, fault severity (slight, moderate, serious, extreme), repair details, cited peaks, spectra
Electrical specifications
Range selection Automatic
A/D converter 4 channel, 24 bit
Usable bandwidth 2 Hz to 20 kHz
Digital signal processing functions Automatically configured anti-alias filter, high-pass filter, decimation, overlapping, windowing, FFT, and averaging
Sampling rate 2.5 kHz to 50 kHz
Dynamic range 128 dB
Signal/noise ratio 100 dB
FTT resolution 800 lines
Spectral windows Hanning
Frequency units Hz, orders, cpm
Amplitude units in/sec, mm/sec, VdB (US), VdB* (Europe)
Non-volatile memory SD micro memory card, 2 GB internal + user accessible slot for additional storage
General specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.56 cm x 7.00 cm x 26.72 cm
Weight (with battery) 1.9 kg
Display ¼ VGA, 320 × 240 Colour (5.7 inch diagonal) TFT LCD with LED backlight
Input/output connections Triaxial sensor connection 4 pin M12 connector Single axis sensor connection BNC connector Tachometer connection 6 pin DIN mini-connector PC connection Mini ‘B’ USB (2.0) connector
Battery Battery type Lithium-ion, 14.8 V, 2.55 Ah Battery charge time 3 hours Battery discharge time 8 hours (under normal conditions)
AC adapter Input voltage 100 to 240 V AC Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating system Windows CE Core 6.0
Languages supported English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Warranty 3 years