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High-end Camera Series ImageIR®

Caméras IR
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High-end Camera Series ImageIR®

These ImageIR systems have been designed for demanding applications in the field of R & D, non-destructive testing and process control. They have been designed to be flexible for each application.

dB Vib Instrumentation, offers cooled sensors of different types (InSb, MCT and QWIP) and different formats such as 1280×1024, 640×512 and 320×256 in instant mode.

Depending on the detector used, the sampling frequency varies from a few hundred Hz (full screen mode) to several thousand Hz (screen partition mode) and the integration times vary from 1 ms and 2 ms to measurement accuracy of plus or minus 1 mK, or 1% of the measuring range. Moreover, the definition of the average temperature is better than 0.02 K at a temperature of
30 °C.

Combined with the professional IRBIS®3 software, the ImageIR® camera series sets new standards as efficient high performance tools (Cooled Lab Application)

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