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Logiciel IMMI

IMMI is a noise prediction and mapping software package for all types of noise source (road, railway, industrial, leisure activities, airport) and for any kind of noise map, including strategic noise maps for towns.

dB Vib Instrumentation has been distributor of the IMMI software for more than 10 years and dB Vib consulting, with whom we have close collaborations, provides training in the use of the software and leads the user club in France.

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More than 20 different European and international noise calculation methods are available in IMMI. The software calculates the sound propagation outdoors taking into account physical phenomena affecting the propagation pathways. The results can be presented in the form of noise maps or digitally in the form of detailed results tables.

The air dispersion module gives IMMI an opening into the field of air pollution. The combination of noise and air modelling in IMMI has already been used for the city of BRUSELLS (Belgium).

IMMI interfaces are linked with existing GIS data via a powerful Arcview interface The shared use of data is now becoming a reality.