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Module XM-124

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Module XM-124

XM  is a revolutionary series of integrated systems for protecting and monitoring machine condition.

The XM-124 module is a 2-channel general-purpose monitor that supports measurements of dynamic inputs such as vibrations, pressure, strain and gSE (signal processing technique that provides an accurate measure of the energy that is generated by transient or mechanical impacts).

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This module is suitable for almost any rotating machine:

  • Steam turbines
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Aeroderivative turbines
  • Hydro turbines
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Gear boxes.
Two dynamic channel inputs Accelerometers / Foucault current transducer signals /Voltage signals from any dynamic measurement device (velocity or pressure transducer)
Transducer power Constant voltage 24 V DC,- 24V DC, 40 mA Constant current 4.5 mA +/- 30 %/-20 % de 24V DC (IEPE) None (voltage input) Tachometer can be powered in constant voltage or configured as voltage input
Voltage range -20 …. 0 V DC/-10 ….. 10 V DC/0 …… 20 V DC
Impedance >100 kΩ
Sensitivity Up to 15% from nominal
Tachometer input
1 input +/- 25V (50V max peak-to-peak)
Impedance > 120 kΩ
Speed/frequency range 1 to 1,200,000 rpm / 0.167 to 20.000 Hz
Pulses per revolution 0 to 50,000
Rate of change of speed, max. 500 Hz/s
4 - 20 mA Each output is independently programmed to represent any measured parameter, from either channel / Two isolated outputs 300 Ω max load
Buffered outputs One active buffer per dynamic channel / One resistive buffer for tachometer
Status indicator Module/Network/Channel 1/Channel 2/Tachometer/Virtual relay/Setpoint multiplier
Series side connector Enables communication between modules and RS232 primary power supply via mini-connector or terminal base unit. Speed set at 19,200 baud
Signal conditioning
Sampling mode Selectable per channel Dynamic range  Asynchronous FMAX: 1 Hz to 20 kHz  Synchronous  Order range 4 to 200  Min. FMAX: 10 Hz  Max. FMAX: 5000 Hz  gSE  Static measurements  Eccentricity/Peak-to-peak eccentricity/Thrust  Normal mode
Complex data Spectrum (synchronous or asynchronous) Waveform (synchronous or asynchronous) Simultaneous waveform (synchronous) gSE spectrum
Accuracy, min. +/- 1 % of the full scale range for the channel / +/- 1 % of the alarm setpoint for the speed
Types FFT and time Asynchronous and synchronous
Real time Overall level RMS Peak (true or calculated) Peak-to-peak (true or calculated) gSE Low pass optional filter: -3 dB corner: 200 Hz to 20 kHz Roll off: -24 dB/octave Gap Speed SMAX magnitude SMAX phase Band pass filter value Tracking filter magnitude Tracking filter phase Thrust position Eccentricity