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OROS Serie 3 Softwares

OROS Serie 3 software
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OROS Serie 3 Softwares

OROS Serie 3 Softwares

NVGate :
It is the central point of all your measurements. From field acquisition to reports, all your tasks are handled in a unique interface. This software platform hosts all OROS software modules.

ORBIGate :
It is a completely dedicated solution for users, manufacturers and subcontractors of turbomachines for the measurement and analysis of vibrations on motors and rotating machines. (Vibration analysis for validation tests, signature determination, and any other diagnostic operation).

OROS Modal :
Modal analysis is a powerful technique for understanding the behavior of structures to validate simulation results, mechanical design and maintenance. Discover OROS Modal 2, an applied software, combining the latest algorithms with a user-friendly interface and automated controls.



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  • Vibration analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Engines and rotating machinery
  • Industrial acoustics
NVGate principles caracteristics
Save Your Signal
Extract Any Spectral Signature
Control Your Acquisitions
Track Your Results Along Any Parameter
Diagnostic Indicators
Analyze and Compare Your Measurements and Analyses
Ergonomic task-oriented interface
Manage Your Tests: Dataset Management
Broadcast Your Results
Multidomain Analysis
Flexible Software Licensing
Open and Customizable Platform
Software Suite
ORBIGate principles caracteristics
Diagnostics tools Spectra; Waterfall, Bode, Polar, Orbit, Shaft centerline, Full shaft motion, Full Spectrum etc…
Scalar table Vector data (nX harmonics and subharmonics, amplitude and phase), Overall, Gap Voltage
User friendly set-up Designed by users for users
Connect the system to the online rack or directly to sensors Turbomachinery sensors: Proximity probes, Velocity, Accelerometers and other process data
Multichannel alarm conditions and actions
Journal bearing tools Gap voltage reference, Run out compensation
Record & playback Comfort, flexibility security
Export and reporting
OROS Modal 2 principles caracteristics
Geometry Building
Direct acquisition & Signal processing
Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)
Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)