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Ultraprobe 401

ultraprobe 401
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Ultraprobe 401

The Ultraprobe® 401 is an instrument translates ultrasound into the audible range enabling users to hear bearing sounds during lubrication, while simultaneously viewing decibel levels on a display panel.

Users can thus monitor the amount of lubricant being applied and know when to stop, thereby preventing “over-lubrication”.

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The Utraprobe® 401 allows you to:

  • Know when to stop adding lubricant
  • Know how much lubricant is needed
  • Monitor lubrication data for each bearing
  • Prevent failures and extend the operating life of bearings
Housing Attaches directly to the grease gun, gives visual and audible indication for optimum lubrication
Construction PC + ABS Plastic
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C
Humidity/Circuits Analogue and SMD Digital circuits with temperature compensation and RMS conversion
Transducer Magnetically mounted piezoelectric transducer
Frequency response range Peak response: centred around 30kHz Frequency range: 20kHz – 100 kHz
Memory 400 storage locations
Power Rechargeable polymer battery
Indicator Db, battery status, 16-segment bar graph Bright white LED for illumination of test area
Output Heterodyned audio output, value in decibel
Response time <10 ms
Headset Top-of-the-range noise isolation headset for hard hat use. Noise attenuation over 23 dB. Meets or exceeds ANSI Specifications and OSHA standards
Headset attachment Universal: fits most grease guns
Dimensions and weight 17.8 x 8.1 x 7.6 cm 0.57 kg
Warranty 5 years