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UltraTEV Detector²

UltraTEV-Detector 2
Détecteur de décharges partielles-UltraTEV Detector²
UltraTEV Detector²_3
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UltraTEV Detector²

Do you know ?
Up tode 85% of disruptive switchgear failures are PD related


The UltraTEV Detector² is the best partial discharge detector with an audio function for a first simple and fast inspection of your high voltage facilities.
The UltraTEV Detector² is the most effective first pass PD survey instrument available.

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Benefits of the UltraTEV Detector²:

  • Identify faults BEFORE they lead to breakdowns
  • Instantly test the activity of partial discharges
  • Detection of all types of partial discharges: internal and external


Signal inputs
Signal TEV and Ultrasonic
Thresholds Ultrasonic 1; TEV 2
TEV Threshold Levels 20 dBmV and 29 dBmV
Ultrasonic 6dBμV
LED Indicators
Ultrasonic Status Red/Green
TEV Status Red/Amber/Green
Power Red/Green
Charging Red/Green
Size of the UltraTEV Detector² 201 x 76 x 34 mm
Weight 0.4 Kg
Power supplies
Internal Batteries rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Typical Operating Time 10+ hours continuous use
Battery Conservation Automatic shutdown when low battery voltage detected or 10 minutes elapsed
Charging Charging by Micro USB
Audio output
Headphones Socket Audio 3.5mm jack
Operating Temperature 0 – 55 °C
Humidity 0 – 90% RH non-condensing
Accessories and options
Clip On Headset Allows audio distinction of ultrasonic PD and background noise
UltraTEV Case Dedicated carry case for the UltraTEV Detector2
USB Car Charger 12V battery charger for the UltraTEV Detector2
Battery Charger Mains battery charger for the UltraTEV Detector2. Note: all mains-powered instruments are available with plugs to suit local requirements
Calibration Service We recommend regular calibration of the UltraTEV Detector2