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UltraTEV Monitor

UltraTEV monitor
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UltraTEV Monitor

The UltraTEV Monitor™ is part of the award winning range of partial discharge (PD) instruments produced by EA Technology.

More sophisticated than the UltraTEV Alarm, it provides comprehensive monitoring of TEV (Transitory Earth Voltage) and ultrasonic activity.
This instrument is much more than a simple fault detector or alarm system – it is the most powerful tool created for collecting and storing data on a large number of electric cells (up to 250).
The UltraTEV Monitor can collect and store much more data than the UltraTEV Alarm, via a 3G, 4G or LAN network, which benefits from a very high level of security.

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Benefits of the UltraTEV Monitor™:

  • Early identification of asset deterioration
  • Detects faults and problems before thereby pre-empting failures
  • Provides essential data for the management of electric cells
  • Uses advanced software to analyse data
  • Continuous online condition monitoring for early detection of deterioration

The UltraTEV Monitor™ detection instrument is used to monitor electric cells in the electrical energy sector. This includes:

  • Operators of thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power stations
  • Electrical maintenance companies.
Power Supply
Voltage In 100-230V AC (nominal)
Voltage Out 48V DC
Frequency 50-60 Hz (nominal)
Minimum Power 250W
Fusing (on hub unit) 1x Anti-surge (T) 5A fuse / N.B.: All fuses are 5 x 20 mm cartridge type
Hub Unit Indicators
System Power 1 x green LED
UltraBus power 1 x green LED
Health Monitor 1 x green LED
Alarm, SCADA Outputs 1-3 4 x red LEDs
Hub Unit connectors
UltraBus RJ45 Connector
Ethernet RJ45 Connector 10/100/1000mb
USB 2 x USB Type-A sockets
Auxiliary Power/Comms 3-pin IEC connector
Power 1 x Neutrik XLR
Wi-Fi 1 x RP-SMA
VGA 1 x Standard Female three row DE- 15
RS2 32 1 x Male DB9
Chassis Earth 1 x M4 Stud
PD Cable Measurements
Sensor RFCT
Measurement Range 0 – 25 000 pC
Resolution 98 pC
Accuracy ±98 pC
Minimum pulse rate 10 Hz
Size W x L x D 306 mm x 248 mm x 88 mm
Hub Unit Weight 3.6 KG
Power Supply Weight 4.2 KG
Operating temperature 0 – 50 °C
Humidity 0 – 90% Non-condensing
IP Class 30
EMC Class 1
EMC Immunity Industrial level
EMC Emissions Industrial level