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UltraTEV Plus²

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UltraTEV Plus²

UltraTEV Plus² is the latest innovation that helps you detect partial discharge. It combines technical sophistication with a wealth of experience and insight to make it easier than ever to avoid failures on your high voltage network.

The small size of this instrument makes it highly user friendly. UltraTEV plus² also incorporates additional detection capabilities and advanced analytical functions compared to UltraTEV Plus.

Its ability to distinguish between true partial discharge and other interference means that you can make the best possible decisions in real time.

With UltraTEV Plus², you save time and money, and enhance safety.

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UltraTEV Plus²  enables customers to:

  • Detect problems early
  • Detect partial discharge activity in a wider range of assets
  • Increase productivity by rapidly collecting information
  • Optimise maintenance cycles and the operating life of assets


The UltraTEV Plus² TEV detection instrument is used to monitor electric cells in the electrical energy sector. This includes:

  • Operators of thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power stations
  • Electrical maintenance companies.
Ultrasonic reading Provides numerical and audible ultrasonic readings for classification of partial discharge
TEV readings Provides numerical and audible TEV readings for interpretation of partial discharge
WI-FI Wi-Fi connectivity allows survey results to be easily synchronised with asset management systems
Display and resolution Phase resolved and waveform displays allow more reliable and conclusive decisions to be made based on partial discharge.
Screen Menu-driven backlit colour touchscreen and keypad (can be used when wearing gloves)
Structure Portable device and robust design
Compatibility Compatible with all UltraTev Plus+ accessories
Battery Long-life, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery