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XT440 Laser Alignment system

Easy laser XT 440
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XT440 Laser Alignment system

Easy-Laser®XT440 is the first first model of the “Generation XT” alignment systems.

These alignment systems are built on cross-platform technology which means you can now view your data on different types of screens.

By choosing the XT 440, you are choosing a robust and user-friendly instrument that enables you to solve breakdowns and prevent the premature wear of your machines.
For that, you can access all the programmes thanks to Easy-Laser XT11 display unit or you can simply download our new XT application for free (available on iOS and Android).

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Applications Functions and features Find out more
  • Intuitive user interface guides you through the programmes for measuring and aligning horizontally and vertically mounted machines.
  • Shaft alignment
  • Soft foot check
  • Tolerance verification
  • A PDF or Excel report is generated automatically when the measurements are recorded.
  • Possibility of adding thermal images and photos to see the difference after alignment
  • Share reports with your customers via email or One-drive
  • Save your files on USB memory sticks.
Relative humidity 10-95%
Total weight Total weight 14.8 kg
Case dimensions (W x H x D) 550 x 450 x 210 mm Shockproof Dust and water protection
Measuring unit XT40-S / XT40-M
Type of detector TruePSD 30mm
Communication Wireless Bluetooth technology
Internal battery Li Po
Operating time Up to 24 hours continuously
Resolution 0.01 mm
Measuring errors < 1%
Measurement distance Up to 10 metres
Type of laser Diode laser
Laser wavelength 635-670 nm
Laser class Class II
Laser output <1mW
Electronic inclinometer 0.1° resolution
Thermometers ±1°C accuracy
Environmental protection IP class 66 and 67
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Relative humidity 10-95%
LED display 128x64 pixels
Materials Anodised aluminium + PC/ABS + TPE
Dimensions (W x H x D) 76 x 76.7 x 39.3 mm
Weight 245 g
Display unit XT11
Type of display/Size VGA 8" (20.3cm) interactive colour screen, backlit LED
Internal battery (fixed) Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
Operating time Up to 16 hours continuously
Connections USB A, USB B, Charger, HDMI connector (optional)
Wireless connections Wireless Wi-Fi technology
Photo device 13 Megapixels
Infra-red camera FLIR LEPTON with infra-red waves
Help function Built-in manual
Environmental protection Built-in manual
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Relative humidity 10-95%
LED display 96x96 pixels
Materials PC/ABS + TPE
Dimensions (W x H x D) 274 x 190 x 44 mm
Weight 1450 g