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Zerowaste is an analyser that automatically samples SF6 gas when it is connected to the circuit breaker (by detecting the gas inlet pressure) and starting the pre-selected number of cycles. From one cycle to the next, the gas is pumped back each analysis.

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Zerowaste has a Multi Analysis service, the user can select up to 5 cycles to run on each sample.
The instrument selects the number of cycles then pumps the gas back at the end of the analysis. The user can view and save the results for the number of measurements taken.

Safe working distance for the user the unit will wait for 2 minutes before commencing the analysis automatically.
The lightest SF6 analyser: only 15Kg
The fastest analyser 5 minutes per cycle
The most accurate portable analyser for laboratory quality testing
Sample analysis before its storage.
Optional leak detection sensor (ppm/gms per year).
USB data download results of up to 1,000 samples
The only fully portable analyser AC or battery power supply, even during gas recycling - 8 hours.
Light and Robust Housed in a robust IP77 case with wheels, retractable handle, and pockets for hoses and spare parts. Weight: 17kg
Gas storage for up to 5 normal sampling cycles