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CM-21 Vibrometer

vibromètre CM 21
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CM-21 Vibrometer

The CM-21 vibrometer is available in two models:

Basic model: designed to function as a tester. You simply measure and look at the screen.

It consists of:

  • the CM-21 vibrometer with its carrying case
  • an accelerometer, with magnet or contact point
  • a charger
  • user manual on CD.

Advanced model: allows you to save data and download it to the computer for monitoring. There is no dedicated software but the data can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for example.

It consists of the components listed above and also has:

  • A tachometer with cable
  • A USB cable for connection to a PC
  • Stethoscope function (3.5 mm connector for headphones not provided – available on request).
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The CM-21 is a vibrometer designed to function as a tester.

It is used for the following applications:

  • Monitoring machine condition and diagnostics
  • Rotor balancing
  • Analysis for commissioning machines
Type of sensors External: Accelerometer, tachometer probe, microphone Embedded: pyrometer
Measured amplitudes Displacement, velocity, acceleration, peak factor
Detector RMS, true peak, peak-peak, peak-factor (true peak divided by RMS)
Frequency range 0.5 - 25600 Hz
Accuracy +/- 5%
Passbands for vibration measurements: - Standard ISO 10816: - Additional: 2..1000, 10.. 1000, 10.. 2000 Hz 6.4 - 25 kHz, 10 - 25 kHz, 15 - 25 kHz
Measurement ranges
Vibration range: - Acceleration (out of 160 Hz) - Velocity (out of 80 Hz) - Displacement (out of 40Hz) From 0.05 to 1,000 m/s² From 0.1 to 100 mm/s² From 1 to 1,000 um
Range: - Temperature - Accuracy From - 40°C to + 350°C +/- 4°C
Volume: - Stethoscope - Audio output - Headphones Adjustable in 9 steps Vibration signal Industrial (optional); 3.5 mm jack (standard)
Rotation speed
RPM range 60 - 40,000 rpm
Detail +/- 1%
Tacho probe range Up to 200mm
General points
Display 128 X 64OLED, can work at temperatures below 0°C
Keypad membrane, tactile effect
Data storage More than 10,000 measurements
Environmental protection rating IP65
Operating temperature -20/+70°C
Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 126 (W) х 80 (L) х 24 (H) mm excluding external sensors
Battery life 15 hours (1,750 mAh battery)
Battery charging time 2 hours - mains charger 8 hours - from USB port
Battery type Li-Ion 1750 mAh, optional 3500 mAh