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E940 Machine-tools

E940 machin outils
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E940 Machine-tools

In order to meet quality requirements and minimise waste, it is essential to check and align machine tools. The most important thing to check is the geometry of the machine. Not even a precisely calibrated linear motion can compensate for a crooked movement or uneven surface. The correct machine geometry is the basis for being able to produce parts that remain within the tolerances.

The Easy-Laser® E940 machine tool system can handle most tasks in this field, despite the fact that there is considerable variation in machine design: boring machines, different types of milling machines (vertical, horizontal and gantry), turning centres, vertical turning centres, drill presses, automatic drills, water cutting machines, presses. etc.

All the measurements obtained are compared to Standard ISO10791-1 or ISO10791-2, used specifically for machine tools.

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The Easy-Laser® E940 for machine tools is used to check the following elements:

  •  ž Straightness of machine axes
  • ž Spindle direction
  • ž Spindle to spindle/tail stock
  • ž Squareness between machine axes
  • ž Flatness on machine table or machine bed
  • ž Bearing play check
  • ž Bearing condition.
Relative humidity 10-95%
Total weight 15 kg
Case dimensions (W x H x D) 550 x 450 x 210 mm Drop tested. Dust and water protection
Laser transmitter D22
Type of laser Diode laser
Laser wavelength 635-670 nm, visible red light
Laser safety class Class 2
Power <1 mW
Beam diameter 6 mm at aperture
Working area, range 40-metre radius
Type of battery 1 x R14 (C)
Battery operating time Approximately 24 hours
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Levelling range ± 30 mm/m [± 1.7°]
3 x spirit levels 0.02 mm/m
Squareness between laser beams mm/m [20 arc second]
Flatness of sweep 0.02 mm
Fine tuning 0.1 mm/m [20 arc second]
2 x spirit levels for rotation 5 mm/m
Housing material Aluminium
Dimensions (W x H x D) 139 x 169 x 139 mm
Weight 2,650 g
Measuring unit EMH/ESH (HyperPSD™)
Type of detector PSD 2 axis 20 x 20 mm
Resolution 0.0001 mm
Measuring errors ±1 % + 1 digit
Measurement range Over 20 m
Type of laser Diode laser
Laser wavelength 635-670 nm
Laser class Protection class II
Laser output <1 mW
Electronic inclinometer 0.1° resolution
Temperature sensors -10 to 50°C
Internal battery Li Po
Housing material Anodised aluminium
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60 x 60 x 42 mm
Weight 202 g