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The guarantee of excellent image quality combined with more accurate temperature measurement.

Benefits of the TiX560:

  • Enjoy a premium in-field viewing experience with the largest 5.7 inch responsive LCD touchscreen in its class¹, 150% more viewing area4.
  • Enhanced image quality and temperature measurement accuracy: turn your 320 x 240 images into 640 x 480 images, that’s 4 times the resolution and pixels with SuperResolution (on camera).
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus: Exclusive to Fluke, uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance to your designated target² with pinpoint accuracy².
  • Offers the possibility of remote monitoring and use.
  • Get high-quality images in high temperature applications bycombining multiple sequential frames of data into one using the image sharpening function.
  • Find subtle temperature differences easier: instantly improve thermal sensitivity from 45mK to 30mK with filter mode.
  • Optional on-site installable wide angle and telephoto lenses
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Applications Fonctions et caractéristiques En savoir plus

The infrared thermal imaging TiX560 Expert Series camera is intended for engineers, designers and experts in thermal imaging. It is perfect for the following fields:

  • Industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Water, gas and electricity utilities (production, transmission, distribution)
  • Electromechanics
  • Medical, biological, scientific
Key features
IFOV with standard lens (spatial resolution) 1,31 mRad
Detector resolution 320 x 240 (76 800 pixels)
Field of view 24°H x 17°V
Minimum focus distance 15 cm (approx. 16 inches)
IFOV with telephoto lens 0,65 mRad
Field of view 12°H x 9°V
Minimum focus distance 45 cm (approx. 18 inches)
IFOV with optional wide-angle lens 2,62 mRad
Field of view 46°H x 34°V
Minimum focus distance 15 cm (approx. 16 inches)
SuperResolution* Camera and software
Image sharpening Yes
LaserSharp® Auto Focus Yes, for consistently in-focus images every time.
Télémètre laser Yes, calculates distance to the target for precisely focused images and displays distance on screen
Advanced manual focus Yes
Streaming video (remote display) Via USB or Wi-Fi
Touchscreen display (capacitive) 14.4 cm (5.7 in) diagonal landscape colour VGA (640 x 480) LCD with backlight
Wireless connectivity Yes, to PC, iPhone® and iPad® (iOS 4s and later), Android™ 4.3 and above, and WiFi to LAN*
Compatibility with Fluke Connect™ app Yes (if available)
Compatibility with Fluke Connect™ tools Yes (where available), connects wirelessly to certain Fluke Connect enabled tools. Five simultaneous connections supported.
IR-Fusion® technology Yes
AutoBlend™ mode Yes
Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Yes
Continuous AutoBlend™ mode Defines AutoBlend™ level across continuum
Rugged, ergonomic design for one-hand operation 180° rotatable (articulating) lens
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) ≤ 0.045 °C with target temperature of 30 °C (45 mK)